Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Brain injuries often affect not just the injured person but the people who interact with the injured person on a regular basis — family, friends and employers, for example. When we represent brain injury victims, we build a comprehensive picture of what they were like before the injury and what they are like now as a person living with a brain injury. We bring in people who encounter our client daily to help us paint that picture.

If you have sustained a brain injury, or if your loved one has sustained a brain or closed head injury, the skilled Prescott injury lawyer from The Carman Law Firm, can help.

We Are Dedicated to Protecting the Rights of Brain Injury Victims

As a skilled Prescott traumatic brain injury attorney, we adeptly handle complex brain injury cases. In our experience, we have found that brain injuries are often not identified until months into the personal injury claim. After a auto accident or motorcycle accident, for example, the injured person may be attending to more obvious injuries — broken bones and other injuries that are obvious by looking at a person. In many situations, brain injuries can take a while to fully manifest.

The person who has sustained the brain injury may feel that something is not quite right or that things are not quite the same as they were before the accident. His or her memory may seem bad, or he or she may have trouble putting words together. Family, friends and employers often notice these changes as well.

We rely on medical experts to provide neurological evaluations. We work with several brain specialty hospitals in Arizona. We also rely on those people closest to our clients to show and tell how that person has changed.

They may take note of:

  • Personality changes
  • Irritability
  • Memory loss
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Speech problems

Injured people may not know how to explain how they are different — they just know that they are. Family, friends and employers can often provide concrete examples of how the brain injury victim has changed. Of course, some brain injuries are so severe that they are apparent. In some cases, the brain injured victim may require extensive medical care, in-home care and other costly assistance.

We consistently craft settlement demands that consider the long-term implications of our client's current condition. To do this, we frequently construct "A Day in the Life" video that captures the challenges our client encounters on a daily basis. We also work with neuropsychologists to determine permanent impairment and how that affects our client's wage loss, particularly if he or she needs to change professions or stop working altogether. We seek fair compensation for our clients' losses, using all necessary medical, professional and personal resources to guide us in reaching that result.

If you have been affected by a brain injury, you can hold the liable party responsible for your injuries. Contact the Carman Law Firm and request a free consultation with our legal team!